Aquaculture Association

Along with fresh produce, our country also depends on aquaculture products to survive. This makes it all the more essential for someone to manage the local development of aquaculture within the country. For this, we at Massachusetts Aquaculture Association strive to work for the betterment of such elements.

fresh produce

We focus on the overall development of fish farming and shellfish quality. We even work towards improving the conditions of aquaculture in the state of Massachusetts. Besides, we even coordinate with different government and non-government organizations to make the industry reach its peak.

What do we do?

  • 1.Creating awareness about aquaculture and its products.
  • 2.Promoting the correct way of indulging in aquaculture through different organizations.
  • 3.Making sure that a thriving aquaculture industry can be grown.
  • 4.Creating continuous development strategies for the aquaculture industry.
  • 5.Helping organizations to understand the latest technology.

Becoming A Member

Like every other organization we to require help from time to time. For this, we invite people to become a member of the Massachusetts Aquaculture Association. This can simply be done by getting in touch with us through the given contact channels. Becoming a member of our organization is beneficial in case you are someone who is looking to start with aquaculture or a fishing farm.