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Apart from being an organization that focuses on spreading awareness about aquaculture we also have a selfish farm. The farm was established in 2009 and is known for growing oysters. The name given to these oysters is First Light, after the name of the tribal people who initially started farming the same.

Our main focus is on cultivating premier oysters for the market and making sure that the history and culture of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe can be honored. Since the bay is surrounded by acres of conservation land, the taste of our oysters is always clean and distinct. In other words, it can give you the taste of a fresh sea oyster.

oyster farm

The reason why we choose the bay area to grow oyster is to improve the quality of the water. It was initially started under the Tribal Wildlife Grant program that was on two-year funding. Ever since the oyster farm has been established in the bay, the overall ecosystem of the same has become more balanced.


Even though we are a non-profit organization we still need a decent amount of capital to work. This is funded by the sale of oysters that are grown in our shellfish farm. The funds received by doing so are utilized to pay for labor expenses and other similar charges. Apart from this, our farm also maintains all the measures of public safety and health.


For this, there is regular testing of the water in order to make sure that it is safe for farming oysters. Besides, some of the most popular restaurants and chefs within the country purchase their shellfish from our farm. Due to its excellent quality and taste!