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The Massachusetts Aquaculture Association is a nonprofit that pays attention to trade related fish farming. The organization was established in 1986 with the aim of helping the overall aquaculture industry. Over the years our organization has collaborated with numerous other institutes, both government and the public to create awareness about aquaculture products.

Apart from this, we also participate in creating new rules regarding the aquaculture industry which can later be turned into past legislation. Each year our organization participates in various events like the Aquaculture Day, to promote the importance of this particular industry. On the other hand, we even give a chance to local food companies or organizations to join hands with us. So that it spread awareness and educational information.

Board of Members

As of now, there are 15 members or Board of Trustees who handle the management of the organization. Each member is a veteran when it comes to the aquaculture industry and has been working for the development of the same.

Besides, there are additional members within the organization like a President who represents interest related to shellfish farming. On the other hand, we even have a treasurer and a clerk to assist with the overall organization's responsibilities.

The board of trustees is elected by a transparent voting system, where the members choose all the representatives. Every member of the board of trustee looks after a different section of the organization. For example, legal, marketing, and promotions, educational and informative, etc.

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